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Associated Packaging, Inc. is a full-service distributor of innovative packaging solutions on a National Scale, for all size businesses in greatly diverse industries. Through the knowledge of over 120 local Packaging Specialists, we are able to develop personal relationships with our customers so we can fully understand their needs. Our Packaging Specialists know products, machinery, and packaging challenges better than anyone.

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Our process leverages a wide range of capabilities and four decades of premium packaging expertise. We understand the importance of providing exceptional value to our customers and work tirelessly to guide them in finding solutions for their packaging needs. Associated Packaging, Inc. adds value from design through manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution, and technical service.

Our success is attributed to our four decades of packaging expertise and our sincere desire to partner with customers and suppliers. We are only as strong as the companies we partner with – that’s why we work with the best.

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Sealed Air is a global leader in packaging innovation and product care solutions. When it comes to DIM Weight Solutions, Sealed Air has the materials and automated systems to reduce your package size and reduce your freight bill.

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Quantronix is a pioneer in the development of automated dimension scanning equipment and offers the most complete and broadest product line available. CubiScan products are used in a wide variety of automated freight handling, parcel postage, material handling, and warehousing systems where dimensional data must be rapidly and accurately obtained for use in computing shipping charges.


Whatever your packaging challenges, our Packaging Specialists will provide solutions to save your company time and money. Put us to the test!

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