Dimensional weight charges are likely causing you stress. Follow these tips to help reduce shipping costs:

8-Tips-to-Reduce-Shipping-Costs-DIM-Weight-Solutions1. Right-sizing is important: choose the appropriate package based on the size of the item, and don’t forget mailers are a great solution for many products. Using the correct amount of packaging and cushion can go a long way to reduce dim weight costs.

2. Don’t skimp on quality: strength, cushioning, and durability are important, especially if you’re using less packaging. “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” labels don’t replace careful packaging.

3. If you’re paying based on actual weight rather than dim weight, be aware of heavy packaging materials that could increase the weight of your package and shipping cost.

4. Keeping your item stationary within its package will make it less likely to get damaged - think blocking and bracing.

5. Talk to your freight carrier representative and examine your agreement to understand your particular dimensional weight pricing. You may be able to negotiate with them.

6. Pay attention to your monthly shipping charges to make sure you’re not incorrectly charged for your packages. An automatic dimensioning system can ensure your accuracy!

7. Don’t forget about returns! Including a mailer that your customer can use to return an item can save you BIG on its return trip.

8. Optimize your packaging, using only what you need and relying on our Packaging Specialists for help.

Need help reducing your shipping costs? Start with maximizing dimensional weight savings.

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