With so many people doing holiday shopping online this year it’s likely you’ll receive some packages that are full of paper or air pillows with one or two small items in the box. It’s frustrating as a consumer to get a package that’s so large and full of filler that you have to dispose of, but if you’re the retailer or distributor that’s shipping those packages out you have an ever bigger problem – freight costs that are much higher than they should be.

A package I got last week:
toys-too-much-paper-1.png     Toys-too-much-paper-2.png

This box measured 24” x 16” x 13” which equals a dimensional weight of 36 lbs. #packagingfail

I repacked the same two items in a smaller box I had laying around the house:
This box measured 17” x 14” x 9” which equals a dimensional weight of 16 lbs. That’s a 20 lb. REDUCTION!

Now consider this, if you’re shipping out 500 packages a day that are all 20 lbs. over what they could be … you are paying for 10,000 lbs. of freight needlessly every single day. If those kind of figures keep you up at night contact us for a FREE Packaging Audit. We can look at your existing operation and help you reduce freight costs.