FloWrap Automated Mailer System

FloWrap Equipment | Dim Weight Solutions


Custom-sized polybag packaging for ready-to-ship packages


Up to 30 packs per minute (or more)


E-commerce & apparel

About the System

The FloWrap Automated Mailer System is faster and more efficient than manual operations and other automated packaging systems. It seamlessly integrates with any automated systems currently in place, and creates a workflow that requires only one manual task: placing the product on the conveyor belt with the barcode visible. The FloWrap can then identify unlabeled or out-of-sequence items, while quickly packaging products.

This automated mailer system gives right-sized, sustainable results by fitting the length and height of each package and sealing the material to fit. FloWrap is intended for packages up to 14” wide and 5” tall but is limitless in length. The flexibility of the FloWrap makes it perfect for e-commerce businesses that are striving to complete transactions as quickly as possible, while also maximizing diminsional weight savings.

With dimensional weight costs affecting e-commerce businesses more and more, the FloWrap reduces shipping costs, as well as lowers the total carbon footprint.

See the efficiency, speed, and versatility of the FloWrap System below:

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