Valentine’s Day is a massive time for e-commerce and shipping gifts to loved ones. Whether your business specializes in manufacturing or selling one of these popular giftable items, consider the packaging this February.


With a potentially high-value package, it’s understandable to want to load up on the cushioning and fillers. However, the reality is that most jewelry isn’t actually breakable, and therefore doesn’t need massive amounts of cushion. A pair of earrings are best packaged in a tight-fitting box, so they don’t rattle around, but take it easy on the filler.
Valentine's Package Waste | Dim Weight Solutions

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Many candles are in fragile containers but can be held in compact boxes. Consider what right-sizing your packages can do for items that are likely already in cushioned boxes.

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Another popular Valentine’s treat, perfume is almost always a fragile item to transport. A broken bottle is not only disappointing and costly but can make a serious mess and damage other product! Items are probably already in some sort of secured packaging, so mounds of filler is unnecessary. For items like this, consider a product like the Korrvu Lok that will keep them secured in place and on display.
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Glass, Ceramic, and Other Breakables

Many times, there is a real risk of an item getting damaged and cushioning or void fill is necessary. This still doesn’t mean there’s a need for excessive packaging- just smarter packaging! High-efficiency cushioning and void-fill mean fewer materials used with a superior performance!

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Valentine's Day is just one small portion of the year where packaging waste can run rampant. Smarter and more efficient packaging saves time, money, and protects valuable parcels! Associated Packaging implements products and systems that benefit all sorts of industries.