Check out Part I of this process here.

At this point, we've determined the major details of the project. In our Proposal, we’ve identified the weights, rates, and sizes of the materials to be handled, and established the scope of what our solution will achieve. We’ve outlined what equipment we plan to use to meet your needs, and how it will interface with your existing systems. Below is a general idea of what happens once our solution is approved and you place an order. 

Delivering Your Solution

  1. The AIS Project Manager, who will oversee the system to its completion, coordinates with the project team and with our strategic partners. We make sure everyone has all the materials, information, documentation and approvals needed to proceed.
  2. Manufacturing begins on each component of the solution.
  3. Once completed, the entire system is tested to our satisfaction.
  4. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is scheduled, where the whole system will be tested to your satisfaction.
  5. Upon successful completion of the FAT, a final punch list is created to address any final concerns.
  6. We schedule shipping and installation dates.
  7. The system is installed and tested at your facility.
  8. Any training necessary is provided to your personnel.
  9. We receive your acceptance of the completed system along with the final payment.
Throughout all of this, AIS takes care of the coordination and communication between manufacturers, installation technicians, trainers, and you. We make sure that everybody has what they need to complete their piece of the puzzle, and that all documentation is taken care of along the way.

After the install, we’re not done making sure that you’re happy. AIS will follow up after 30 days to make sure the system is performing to your satisfaction. 

Associated Packaging, Inc. is proud to provide “One Point of Contact Service.” Long after the job is complete, our Technical Service Team is available to solve or coordinate any challenges, problems, or future needs with your automated system.