E-Cube Automated Void Reduction System
Sealed Air e-Cube


Expedites packing functions and calculates right-size packaging in real-time.


The EC08 produces 8 boxes/minute. The EC16 produces 16 boxes/minute.


This machine is versatile for various industries, including books, electronics, apparel, pharmaceuticals, and industrial supplies.


The e-Cube automated packaging system successfully reduces unnecessary voids in packaging for order fulfillment, while simultaneously securely protecting your product. The system measures the height of the content of the package and scores the folds, reducing voids, then the carton is automatically folded and sealed.

This automatic detection of voids optimizes the cube size with a custom-solution approach. The e-Cube eliminates the need for wasteful void fill and increases the speed and efficiency of the packaging line. This system is ideal for companies that ship anywhere from 300 to 3,000 boxes per day.

The system itself is attractive to many distribution centers as the system is largely sustainable. The corrugated material used for cartons reduces carbon footprint and is easily recycled. Furthermore, the single or dual configuration options allow an industry to customize their need.

In conjunction with the e-Cube is the PakFormance system. It allows remote service with the e-Cube. Some of its features include monitoring for detection of problems, product flow control, and remote maintenance. Combined, the e-Cube and the PakFormance Remote Repair create an innovative packaging solution that reduces dimensional weight costs and wasted space in packaging.