If you’ve ever been curious about the process of adding more machinery to an existing packaging line, then you’ve come to the right place… Whether that's adding automation to an existing line to improve the system, or designing a complete system to address your specific needs - we happen to be specialists in Systems Integration! Our solutions can include packaging or materials handling applications, or an integration of both. Either way the process begins the in the same place. 

The Discovery Process and Proposal

  1. We listen to your needs, problems, and wants.
  2. We conduct a detailed facility site inspection to get a thorough understanding of what you have now and what you want to achieve. This includes performing an operational review of your current equipment’s performance – capacity, output, and general quality.
  3. Review your current output data and discuss what your future requirements are.
  4. Develop a solution, drawing and description of the operation that we review with you either on-site or via a web meeting.
  5. Once you agree that the proposed solution is what you’re looking for we move to the quote phase. We work with our manufacturers, contractors, and designers to provide the most accurate quote possible.
  6. We present a detailed proposal including operational functions and designs, equipment recommendations with specifications, general scope of work for subcontractors, and detailed system drawings for you review.

Recent customer project: Tying together a Case Sealer, Conveyors, and Robotic Palletizer


At this point we can still make modifications to the solution if needed or continue to implementation. In Part 2 we'll explain the implementation process.

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