One of the easiest ways to combat paying too much for freight is to make sure the package you’re sending isn’t full of air. In other words, reduce package size!

Office Supply Shipment Example

(How the shipping process normally takes place)

Step 1: Evaluate Product Size

Step 2: Most of the time these are packed in a box . . .

Step 3: Then the box is filled with air pillows to fill the void . . .

Step 4: Stop! There’s a better way!

Think about the items you’re packing: Are they fragile? If not, then your goal should be to achieve the smallest package dimensions possible while still protecting your products. Take those office supplies out of the box and put them in a Jiffy Mailer. They’ll still be protected and you’ll pay much less for shipping because you reduced the package size.

Let's Check Out the Savings!

Packaged in a box with void fill: DIM Weight is 8 lbs.

The package dimensions were 13” x 11” x 9” and it weighs 4 lbs. when packed with the products and air pillows. Using the Dim weight method our billable weight equals 8 pounds!

Packaged in a Jiffy Mailer: DIM Weight is only 4 lbs.!

Our mailer package dimensions come in at 13” x 14” x 3” and it weighs 3 pounds. The dimensional/billable weight is 4 pounds. We just cut our dimensional weight in half and eliminated the need for additional void fill.

To see if your products are a good fit for a mailer check out our Application Guide or Contact Us for an evaluation of your existing packaging operation. We’d love to help you cut your billable weight in half!