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When it comes to product packaging materials, there are few things as prevalent as the corrugated box. Its versatility and functionality have earned it the distinction of being the most widely used packaging material in the world. In fact, the worldwide demand for corrugated boxes is expected to reach 260 billion square meters by 2019.

Corrugated’s packaging-of-choice position could also be attributed to its widely recognized environmental friendliness. Natural, renewable, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, corrugated packaging can be made, used, reused and ultimately disposed of sustainably. 

Sealed Air recognizes the value of this renewable resource; hence, all of our suspension and retention packaging is manufactured using a standard corrugated fiberboard frame that can be easily recycled in the corrugated waste stream worldwide.

And while for many companies that might be good enough. At Sealed Air, sustainability does NOT end with responsible sourcing and disposal.

So how do we innovate something as commoditized and ubiquitous as the cardboard box.

While corrugated may be a mature resource, it is not just for the retail backroom anymore. The rise in online shopping and consumer demand for frustration-free packaging has created a space for premium packing material solutions. Corrugated’s  protective qualities and ability to be shaped into just about any design makes it an ideal solution for e-commerce or any product being shipped directly to the consumer.

Sustainability conscious e-commerce brands are looking at ways to present their products in packaging that is as good for the environment as it is for the customer experience. Sealed Air is responding to that need with innovations like Korrvu® - a reusable solution that holds items in place like magic- using engineered corrugated and incredibly strong film.

Korrvu’s high-performance design keeps the product protected throughout the shipping journey,provides an aesthetically pleasing consumer experience, and can easily be reused for rapid product returns. All without compromising its sustainability.

As a packaging material, the inherent value of a corrugated foundation lies in making sure our customer’s products get into the hands of the consumer undamaged. The science and engineering we’ve put into re-imagining solutions that use this renewable resource ensures superior protection against damage, eliminates production waste, conserves resources, reduces material and cube size, and decreases the transport energy needed to ship products.

That’s the true power of the box.